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Brand Activation

Tiutali helps your brand in creating a a meaningful 2-way interaction with its target consumers by providing remarkable direct experiences associated with the brand proposition and brand personality.

All activities are designed to demonstrate how the brand can fulfill its promises and satisfy its target consumers in a manner that is entertaining, engaging and unforgettable.

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Touch-Point Marketing

Brand touch-points are places or situations where the brand's target consumers can interact with the brand directly or indirectly. These touch-points must be designed in a way that they can market themselves to show what your brand can do for the consumers. This is where Tiutali's expertise comes in to help you design activities and/or decorations that can convey your brand message effectively. 

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Below-the-Line Actvities

Instead of going mass just for a few seconds at a time, opt for a more personalized and focused approach for your brand to reach its target consumers. Tiutali will assist you in choosing the best media and activities for a more targeted and deeper level of engagement with your select potential customers.

If it's actual relationship that you're after, go deeper is the only way.

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Event Management

Whether it's a product launch, trade-show, exhibition, road-show, sales promotion, concert, team building, or whatever-event-as-you-request-it, Tiutali is ready to support you. Tiutali provides design and concept, end-to-end project management, skilled manpower, high-quality equipments, custom decorations, complete with a comprehensive post-event report. You only need to sit and relax, while Tiutali will do the rest.

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